Bay Area Free Clinics gives people a second chance at living ordinary, healthy lives. BAFC is an integral part of the Bay Area and the state of California, providing thousands of patients with quality health care in community-based locations.

Due to the high cost of insurance premiums, the Bay Area has begun to offer some public insurance programs for low-income families. In addition to government institutions such as Medicare and Medicaid, alternative programs now provide access to health care for the poorest residents. However, the requirements to qualify for these programs are often so stringent that many middle-class families don't qualify, yet they are also unable to afford insurance premiums. This increases the risk of being uninsured as an adult in a low income family. Problems arise for any family making slightly more than the cutoff because they are still unlikely to be able to afford even the least expensive insurance premium with the high cost of living in the San Francisco area.

Another issue that arises when families aren't granted the health insurance they need is the overuse of hospital emergency departments and insufficient preventive care from a regular provider. In 2004, it was found that 65% of nonelderly, uninsured adults in the United States visited the emergency room at least once within the last two years. In comparison, only 27% of insured adults went to the emergency room in the same time frame. Many emergency departments are being overwhelmed by non-emergent cases because the uninsured are turned away from many other clinics which require them to pay out-of-pocket.

Are services are available to everyone that truly needs them, without discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexuality, or class.

We are funded under the San Francisco Universal Health Care Act passed in 2007, commonly known as "Healthy San Francisco".